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I am passionate about beautiful things, whether in nature, in some thoughtfully-designed product or in an everyday object that has history and meaning.

I love to observe beauty in my surroundings, to seek out beautiful things created by others, and to create my own beautiful bits and pieces from plants, paper, concrete or fabric…or whatever else comes to hand!

givemakewrap is a place where I share my inspirations and my ideas. I hope you enjoy visiting!

Please also visit my website,, and my online store, Tasi Masi.


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  1. Hi Anna,

    I was trying to find a way to email you, but can’t find your new email address. Loving your new blog and loving your *make* ideas for wedding pressies. I had a customer who told me about a gorgeous idea which I then blogged about and then had so many enquiries I made it into a product –

    I have since used the idea myself for several wedding gifts. Genuinely not trying to plug QB so feel free to delete this comment. I just thought it was a nice idea that was worth sharing.

    I hope the move to Canberra is going well.



    • Hi Cate! Lovely to hear from you 🙂 This is such a fantastic idea!! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope all’s going well with Queen B. It’s been a bit of a strange six months for me, sort of living between Perth and Canberra (due to a bunch of reasons), but I’m hoping to put down some roots somewhere soon! Thank for your lovely comments about my blog, too 🙂
      x Anna

      PS You can email me at anna[at] if you like

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