Keshiki bonsai

bonsai 1 bonsai 4bonsai 3bonsai 5 bonsai 2 bonsai 6Keshiki bonsai is a new style of bonsai developed by Japanese “green designer” Kenji Kobayashi. It is his belief that bonsai need to be freed from the complicated rules and demands traditionally associated with them, so he has developed a simpler more modern approach to designing a miniature landscape. Kobayashi’s book, Keshiki Bonsai, is filled with inspiring projects, each one beautifully simple but dedicating attention to each tiny detail. Discovering this book was one of those heart-palpitatingly exciting moments for me! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at one of his projects for some time and finally got all the materials together to make it happen last week. I used a ceramic bowl from Sprout Home as my container (and drilled a hole in the bottom as bonsai need good drainage), a Japanese maple from Wee Tree Farm and a collection of different mosses given to me by my friend Julia. Right now this little guy is sitting pretty in my window and it makes me happy just to look at him. I just hope I can keep him alive and thriving for years to come!

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2 thoughts on “Keshiki bonsai

  1. I like this guy’s thinking! Believe it or not I liken my Japanese life to an Michigan white pine trying to be a bonsai. It was pretty uncomfortable!

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