Sakura Matsuri



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Last weekend we went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to check out the Sakura Matsuri cherry blossom festival. Unfortunately because of the slow start to spring this year, not all of the cherries were in flower yet, but there were still plenty that were, plus some incredible magnolias and bulbs galore, so I wasn’t disappointed! The festival is a celebration not only of sakura (the cherry blossoms) but of everything Japanese, and there were some pretty insane Harajuku-style costumes going on amid the flowers!

The walk to the gardens, which are only about half an hour on foot from our apartment, was almost as special as the festival itself. It was an incredible spring day and I was practically skipping down the street! We were greeted by blossoming trees and flowers on every block, and the mix of colours – pinks, whites, butter yellows, bright reds and that new-spring-chartreuse – was extraordinary.

New York in the spring is truly something amazing. Every single street is lined with deciduous trees and perennials reawakening from their winter sleep. What makes is most special is the (very recent) memory of the long, cold and snowy winter, where the ground was frozen and there didn’t seem to be a living thing in sight. Watching all these plants come back to life is something so magical. It creates an excitement in the air that is palpable!

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