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I’m excited to let you know about Tasi Masi, my brand new online store! It’s something I’ve been thinking about for around about a year, since I was in Canberra, and I’m so pleased to have finally actually made it happen. Tasi Masi is basically a collection of some of the nature-based products I’ve been making recently out of concrete, wood, moss, plants and flowers, a lot of which you would have seen here on the blog. My concrete planters are there, as are some other new concrete products like incense burners, which I’m really excited about. There are also birch planters and my beloved kokedama! And some photo-real archival quality prints of these painted leaves. But the products I’m most excited about are the “tussie mussie”s. These are based on the medieval tradition of giving small flower bouquets (known as tussie mussies) as gifts and including particular flowers for their special meanings. My version takes a few natural elements – tiny sprigs of dried flowers, painted stones, wrapped sticks – and displays them in a little shadow box. I’ve been making versions of these for friends and family for a while and they were the inspiration behind starting this new online store.

The main philosophy behind Tasi Masi is the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, something you have heard me wax lyrical about if you have ever taken one of my kokedama or terrarium workshops! It’s hard to explain but in simplified form it is basically the appreciation of the imperfections of nature and the transience of natural beauty. It is something I think about every day, whenever I am looking at something in nature or at something handmade, where I think it is equally applicable. It’s the lichens forming on a rock, or the rough, irregular surface of a concrete planter.

Anyway, I hope you will have a look at my new store and share it with your friends! Everything is handmade by me here in Brooklyn (except the vintage items, of course) and I’m offering shipping on most items worldwide, except live plants, which can’t travel outside the USA. Unfortunately the tussie mussies can’t go to Australia at the moment, either, due to quarantine issues with dried plant materials but I’m working on getting clearance to ship these there so stay tuned. I also have many more products in the works which I can’t wait to share with you! In the mean time, please take a look at the beginnings of Tasi Masi at

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One thought on “Tasi Masi

  1. I have one of your beautiful Tussie Mussies right here in font of me and it is an inspiration to thought and creativity.

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