Our Brooklyn parlour

living 14We moved into our apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, around four months ago. Like any home I’ve lived in, it’s a work in progress, but now seemed as good a time as any to share some photos! Of course, it’s only a rental but the good thing about renting in NYC is that you can basically do whatever you want to a place as long as you leave it in the condition you found it, so that means you can paint, drill and nail away as long as you undo it when your lease it up (there’s no such thing as a rent inspection here!). So that helps a lot in terms of being able to make a place feel like your own.

living 21 living 20

We’re in what’s called the ‘parlour’ apartment, which is on the ground floor of a building that was once all one home, now divided into four apartments. We furnished our place on the cheap, mostly from estate sales, Craigslit, Krrb and good old IKEA, but a couple of exceptions are our couch, which is from Urban Outfitters, and the light, which is from West Elm. The cushions and throw are favourites that came over from Australia, and the rug is from an African shop around the corner from our place.

living 4 living 3We picked up our coffee table for free from the verge (yay!) and we dragged the birch log back from the woods upstate.
living 22 living 23

This is what I call my ‘plant wall’! I mounted some vintage boxes to make shelves and it’s where I display all my favourite little nature-themed bits and pieces. I’m always changing what’s on the shelves and I’d still like to add a few more hanging planters to the wall. The little house incense burner is by Pull + Push and the tiny ceramics are by Sophie Morris.

living 28

living 5 living 1living 12

living 26 living 25

The pressed tin ceiling and the fireplace were the clinchers when we first saw this apartment! The fireplace isn’t operational but it’s just so fun to have a mantel to put things on, and I can’t wait to hang our Christmas stockings here! The blue lacquered box is from The Container Store, the stone vase is from Cog & Pearl, the little ceramic dish is by Sophie Morris, and the wooden plate is by Oji Masanori. There’s a DIY for the concrete planters here.

living 19 living 18This is my favourite little corner, probably because it’s all about the plants (again) and the few crafty books we brought with us! The basket on the wall is by Tjanpi Desert Weavers, the plant pressings are part of a herbarium I’m working on,  the little table was another free roadside find (repainted), the flower press was made for me by James, and the little camp stool was from an estate sale but I made it a new seat.

living 24 living 10 living 9 living 8

We were searching for a table for ages before finding this one on Krrb and we love it! The drawers are so handy as well, especially as we haven’t got a single drawer in our kitchen…which is why everything is stored in Mason jars. It’s not ideal but  it works!
living 17

living 30living 29

living 27The little side table is another roadside find (people chuck out the best stuff here!) and the rug is from a thift store – it was the very first thing we bought for our apartment. The artwork is hung with wooden poster hangers from Prismera.

study 1We’re lucky to have two bedrooms here and our spare room functions as a study, craft room,  a spare bedroom for guests, and a black hole into which all our excess stuff goes! The tiny little formica half-table came from Craiglist and was our kitchen table for ages while we searched for something bigger. The white drawers are from IKEA and the filing cabinet was from an estate sale.

bedroom 8 bedroom 2

bedroom 7

Our bedroom gets some nice light in the afternoon – it’s so hard to get any direct sunlight here because of all the high-rise buildings, so I soak it up whenever I can! Our bed was a plain pine one from IKEA which we spray-painted blue. I made the bronze spots on the wall from metallic contact (my new favourite product!). The spot pillow cases were made for me by my best bud Eko and I made the other ones in front. The tiny milk jugs are by Christopher Plumridge.

bedroom 6

bedroom 9

We found our chest of drawers and matching bedside tables on Krrb. I made the wreath from dried flowers left-over from my work at the florist. The red fan is from Manufactum; the other fan and the mask are from Pearl River Mart in Chinatown.

bedroom 5 bedroom 4 bedroom 3A few special things around the mirror above my little dressing table…my very first tip (!), photo booth photos taken over the years (these ones with my mum), a little dried posy James made for me, and some hand-knitted good luck clovers (and the basket below) from our good friends Denis and Laura back in Perth.

bedroom 1Thanks for taking a tour with me of our little Brooklyn home!

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9 thoughts on “Our Brooklyn parlour

  1. I love it! You have been so innovative and creative with using simple materials. I can’t wait to see it in the flesh!

  2. Beautiful house A & J! Have you discovered how to lose hours of your life A?? It involves getting Ob. Sessed. With. 🙂 be warned.

    Must chat soon about our trip to NYC! will PM you for a breakfast – brunch – lunch – afternoon – dinner date! One of the above.

    Lots of xxxoo
    Jess & Nick Young

    • Yay, that sounds amazing! Looking forward to seeing you guys! Let me know when you’re arriving and we can get some fun things happening 🙂 And in the mean time I’ll check out that site and watch my days disappear…xx

  3. Anna.. I love your home!! x

  4. Wowsers! What a beautiful home you’ve created! I love the curation of found + natural objets d’art! 🙂

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