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Some long overdue photos and thoughts from L.A….

In recent years James and I had heard a lot of good stuff about L.A. from friends so we were really excited to finally be checking it out. I was expecting sunshine, palm trees, convertibles, celebrities, activated almonds and non-fat soy chai lattes, and lots of ridiculously surgically-enhanced glamorous people. We weren’t disappointed on the sunshine, palm trees and convertibles fronts, but we didn’t see any celebs and we were surprised by how normal everybody looked! It was basically just your normal mix of people, some glamorous, some frumpy, some skinny, some fat. We didn’t encounter anything like the plethora of weird health food we expected, either, but we did encounter plenty of delicious cupcakes, ice cream, pies and pancakes!

Probably the thing that struck me most about L.A. was its size. It is HUGE and everything is really spread out. I knew that there were lots of different areas to explore, but I expected that we’d be able to drive to one area and then wander around between shops and food spots within that area. But the reality was more like driving to one shop, getting back in the car, driving to another shop, getting back in the car…so we felt like we spent more time driving around than doing anything else! But that in itself was a quintessential L.A. experience, I guess, especially dealing with the traffic! Plus we had a pretty fun convertible mustang to drive around, so it wasn’t all bad.

Our favourite areas were probably Silver Lake, Atwater and Venice, though we would have liked to have more time to spend in each. Highlights were discovering kokedama for sale at Individual Medley, finding so many beautiful things at Yolk, Hemingway and Pickett and Mohawk General Store, eating possibly the best pain au chocolat ever at Proof Bakery, sipping on delicious cocktails at The Eveleigh, devouring incredible Mexican food from food trucks in Los Feliz, making our way through ridiculously huge pancakes at The Griddle Cafe, blissing out at Poketo (possibly the best store ever!), getting a ‘blowout’ at Dry Bar, and being blown away by the amazing art, architecture and cactus gardens at The Getty. Oh, and of course seeing the Hollywood sign!!

While I’m not sure it’s a city I could live in, I would love to go back and spend a bit more time in L.A. as I feel like we only just scratched the surface…

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