Leaf peeping

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Canberra does a good autumn. In fact, one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about living here has been experiencing the very distinct seasons and the unique treats each one has to offer. As magical as spring was, I think autumn has to be my favourite season here (although I can’t really judge winter as I missed most of that last year).

It’s been wonderful walking to work each day in the crisp morning air and home again as the sun is setting…plus of course getting to oggle all the stunning maples and other beauties at the nursery.

Just about every street is lined with trees in golden yellows, rusty browns, bright oranges or deep reds, and sometimes a combination of all of those! Some are still green and starting to turn, like a green brush dipped in red paint.

It’s impossible to really capture the amazing scope of colours and the incredible vistas that are everywhere you look, but hopefully these photos give you an idea.

We’re heading to the Blue Mountains this weekend so I hope to see some more spectacular autumn sights there!

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