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February is wedding season for us, with two sets of close friends set to tie the knot only a week apart! Neither of these couples are the sort to want or expect something big and expensive as a gift, but sometimes the nicest presents can be those that reflect a lot of thought rather than a lot of money. One of the best wedding presents James and I received was matching his and hers harmonicas (a gift from one of the couples set to wed in February!).

Marriage is about starting a new phase in your lives together, maybe setting up a home together, or just embarking on the next step in your lives connected in a new way. My favourite wedding gifts are ones that reflect this sentiment in some way.

I love to personalise wedding presents as much as possible, whether that means choosing some unique that is tailored to the tastes of the couple, having something monogrammed or custom-made, or making something special yourself. Today I’m going to share some of my favourite gifts to buy as wedding presents, and next week I’ll follow up with my favourite gifts to make!

Here are some of my favourite gifts to buy for a wedding…london

1. An experience. One of the couples getting married lives in London but their wedding is in Denmark (in WA), so a present they don’t have to pack in their suitcase is perfect! Vayable offers all sorts of unusual experiences in cities around the world, so it’s perfect for travellers or those living overseas. There are some Australian experiences, too, mostly in Sydney or Melbourne, but if you are looking for other experiences in Australia there are lots of other sites out there like RedBalloon that offer similar things.

west elm 2

2. Monogrammed homewares. Nothing says marriage like a monogram! I particularly love these wooden boards by West Elm, which you can have engraved with initials or a name, but there are all sorts of other lovely items ready to be personalised in their Monogram Shop (you might remember I mentioned the hand towels back here).


3. Art. You have to know a person well to choose art to suit their tastes, but if you’re able to do that I think it makes a fantastic present and it’s perfect for a wedding as it’s something the couple will see every day and keep forever. Japingka Gallery has a fantastic range of indigenous Australian artworks, which you can view and purchase online (I bought James a painting from here for his 30th birthday), but of course there are loads of galleries and other options out there. Red Bubble and 20 x 200 are good places to look online.


4. Flowers for a year. This would be an expensive one, but I have always dreamt of giving someone a sort of ‘subscription’ to receive a fresh bunch of flowers once a month for a whole year. Wouldn’t it be amazing? And such a lovely present for a wedding as it would keep on giving all year long. I’ve heard of Engadine Florist .thesisters. (in NSW) offering this service, but I’m sure loads of other florists around the country would be up for it if you asked them!

wedding tea

5. A hamper. I love the idea of putting together a hamper with the sorts of special bits and pieces that you wouldn’t normally buy. You could stick to edible (and drinkable!) gifts like gourmet pasta and sauce, fancy olive oil, and even some Prosecco, or put together a mix of kitchenware (or a recipe book) and delicious treats. Sticking to local produce would make it even more special – I particularly love this Parisian Rose wedding tea from Perth’s own The Seventh Duchess.

{images from, from top: Style Me PrettyVayable, West Elm, Japingka GalleryEngadine Florist .thesisters.The Seventh Duchess}

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