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I wanted a fun way to package up these personalised ceramic ornaments I made in one of the studiOH! workshops, so I came up with this mini wreath idea. You could use the little packages for any kind of small gift, or just make the mini wreaths and use them as place settings or decorations. They’re really easy to make and even if you only have a small garden you will likely find something you can use.

Here’s how to make these little packages!


You will need:

  • cuttings from your garden – anything that has a thin, bendy stem will do (I used passionfruit, bougainvillea, periwinkle and ferns). Cut 2 lengths of around 40cm (from the same plant) per wreath.
  • scissors
  • glassine bags (mine were from here)
  • hole punch
  • twine (I used Knot & Bow black/gold glitter twine)





IMG_0270 IMG_0271

First make your mini wreaths. Take one of your cuttings and form it into a circle of around 8-10cm, tucking the thickest end under and twisting the other end around until it runs out. Using your scissors or secateurs, cut off most of the large leaves, leaving only a few at the bottom and smaller leaves around the rest. Add in your second piece of cutting, tucking the thickest end in at the bottom where you’ve left some leaves, and twisting the rest of it around the circle until you run out. Again, cut off most of the large leaves, leaving a few near the bottom.

IMG_0273 IMG_0274


Pop your little gift into one of the glassine bags and fold over the top edge. Punch a hole in the top of the bag and thread through a 20cm length of twine.

Pop your wreath on top of the bag and loop the twine under the top of the wreath. Tie it in a tight bow – this will both look pretty and will hold your wreath to the bag.

You can then write a name or initials in the centre of the wreath, or you could also stamp them.

Different plants will produce different effects and it’s fun to play around!


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2 thoughts on “:wrap: mini wreath packages

  1. NickyS, Perth on said:

    This is lovely Anna. I wish you lived here still to discuss my up and coming business, but it will be online so I hope I will be able to provide you with some goodies for your packaging. 🙂 x

    • Oh wow, sounds fantastic! I’m in Perth all the time still and would love to hear about your new business! You can always send me an email at anna[at] 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you’re working on! Xx

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