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I’m lucky enough to be heading to London for a couple of weeks in September to visit my sister, and am also planning to stop in for a couple of days in Berlin. Top of my list of places to visit in Berlin is Manufactum, a emporium of useful, beautiful and sometimes bizarre miscellania. Their motto is “the good things in life still exist”, which nicely sums up their range of high-quality, traditionally-crafted objects. I’ve never visited Manufactum before because even though I’ve lived briefly in Berlin, Manufactum hadn’t yet opened a store there. I have, however, spent many an hour perusing the vast online store and it’s one of my favourite spots to shop for unique gifts. A general store to end all general stores, there are objects as diverse as kitchen utensils, gardening tools, apothecary goods, clothing, and even groceries. Some of my favourites are the traditional wooden children’s toys, beautiful leather bags and hand-crafted garden tools.

If you’re in the market for a beautifully-made unusual gift (or even if you’re not and just feel like a browse!), Manufactum is definitely worth a look. They ship all over the world and are pretty speedy about it, too.

*All images are from Manufactum

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