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Last week was birthday week for me – I had the birthdays of my husband, my best friend, my sister, my nephew and another close friend, all within a few days! I created this spot wrapping for my best friend’s presents. It was very simple and quick to do but I think it gave the gifts a fun confetti look.

I started by cutting two big pieces off a roll of  good-quality white paper. I wanted to create splash-like drops on the paper and originally planned on using ink, but since I didn’t have any on hand, I dug out some old marbling dyes. These were perfect because they came in little squeeze bottles with droppers, so I could just squeeze a drop of each one onto the paper to create a splash. You could just as easily use any ink with an eye-dropper to get the same effect.

I did the colours one at a time, making a random dot pattern across the paper. I stuck to three colours for each sheet of paper, so one was blue, yellow and green and the other was red, orange and yellow. Then I left the sheets to dry overnight.

The next day, when the little splashes had dried, I cut the paper into pieces to fit each present and wrapped them up! There were four presents, so I wrapped two in the red/orange/yellow paper and two in the blue/yellow/green paper.

Then of course I had to make a matching card! I used the exact same technique, using the red, orange and yellow dyes on a plain piece of white card. Because of the absorbency of the card stock, some of the splashes bled a little but I quite liked this look because I thought it looked a bit like stars. I stamped the words “happy birthday!” using some mini alphabet stamps (mine are from here) and VersaCraft ink in tangerine.

The result was a very happy, spotty birthday!

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