:make: countdown calendar

My best friend Eko and I have a tradition that we always count down to each other’s birthdays. Sometimes it’s just a card, sometimes it’s something interactive, but always it’s something we send through the post. This year I thought I would make a little countdown calendar for the ten days leading up to her birthday.

Here’s how I made it!

Firstly I took some mini polaroid postcards I’d bought a while ago from romanticpink, selected nine cute ones and stuck them onto some white card.

Then I took some tiny, tiny kraft gift bags from Spotlight (if you couldn’t find these you could quite easily make some similar) and glued them onto a thick piece of A5 card. My bags measured approximately 4cm x 2.5cm, which meant nine of them fit nicely onto the card.

Next up I took my many-coloured MUJI gel ink pens and wrote “10 days to go!” down to “2 days to go!” on the back of each of the little polaroid cards (I had something special planned for “1 day to go”).

Then I popped each little polaroid card into a mini bag!

I wanted the prize for “1 day to go” to be a bit special, so I needed something a little bigger than the mini bags. I took an A7 kraft envelope from MUJI and wrote “1 day to go!” on the back, then glued it face-down on the back of the piece of card.

I decided the edges of the card needed a bit of jazzing up, so I took some scalloped-edged scissors and cut around each of the four sides.

I wanted Eko to be able to stand up her little calendar, so I took a piece of thick card measuring approximately 3cm wide x 20cm long, folded it in three and glued it to the back of the card to make a little stand.

Then for the numbering! I used the numbers from my MUJI alphabet stamp set and VersaCraft ink in cherry pink and stamped the numbers 2-10 on the front of the bags. I also stamped some number 1s on the envelope on the back {it would make more sense to do this step earlier on but I didn’t have my stamps available at the time, which is why I did it this way!}.

For the main prize, I chose some cute fluro Emily Green studs (from Mr Sparrow!) and popped them into the envelope – a perfect fit!

Then I whipped up a “Birthday Countdown!” sheet in Photoshop and wrapped it around the calendar. The image I used is from Geronimo and the font is “Walkway” from dafont.

And finally I boxed it up and sent it on its way! Eko has been happily opening her little bags each day since…only one week to go today!

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