:wrap: moon phases

moon phases

moon phases

March is a busy birthday month for my family and there have been two within the last week.

I always start thinking about moons around this time of year because of Easter approaching. I also recently received this fantastic Avant-Garden moon phases gardening calendar from my friend Jack and it inspired me to create some moon-phases-themed wrapping.

moon phases

On a piece of cardboard, I used the lid of a bottle to trace four circles in a row, then on three of them I drew in curved lines to make them into crescents of increasing size. Then I used an NT cutter to cut out the crescent shapes and the final whole circle, creating a stencil with four moons.

To make the card, I laid the stencil down lengthways on a blank card and,  holding it tightly in place, sprayed spray adhesive over the holes. Still holding the stencil in place, I then laid sheets of gold leaf over the holes and pressed them into place with my fingers. It got a little messy but I don’t mind a bit of mess! Once the holes were well-covered, I lifted up the stencil to reveal the moons underneath. Any stray bits of gold leaf I scraped off with the cutter.

For the wrapping, I repeated the same process, making lines of gold moons across a sheet of kraft paper. For this large package (for my mum), I used three rows and on a smaller rectangular package (for my sister-in-law) I did just one row.

And what was inside this package? The world’s best towels, these polka-dotted beauties from Yoshii.

Happy birthday, March girls!

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